Personalised Candy

SWEET, makers of fine rock candy offer customers the option to personalise their rock candy for special events such as weddings, promotions, give-aways, celebrations, advertising and gifts. Customers can specify the writing in the lolly along with the flavour and colours of their choice or, we may be able to replicate a simple image or logo in the lolly.

  • A minimum order of 10kg is required

  • A maximum of 14 letters can be put in the lolly

  • Orders usually require 3 week's notice

  • SWEET will need to confirm if a design or logo is possible before they will accept an order

  • A deposit is required for all wedding rock

  • Rock has a limit of 4 colours including the 'fill' colour

  • Colour matching will be done to the best of SWEET's ability if a sample of colour is given