How best should I store my rock candy?

Rock candy prefers a dark, cool, dry enviroment. Its best kept in an air tight container.
Pesonalised rock should be placed somewhere out of the sun, in a cool dry place such as the bottom of a cupboard or wardrobe. NEVER PUT ROCK CANDY IN THE FRIDGE !!!!!!!!

How much personalised rock candy do I need to order?

Personalised orders are a minimun of 10kg ( 100 grams for 100 people ).

Is SWEET rock candy gluten free?

Yes all SWEET rock candy is gluten free.

Does SWEET rock candy contain any EGG, DAIRY, GELATINE, WHEAT or GLUTEN ?


Are there fixed times in the day you make lolly?

No, due to our production methods and each lolly taking a different amount of time to make, fixed times are not possible. 

PLEASE NOTE, Sweet currently doesnt have a retail store where lolly making can be viewed by the public, sorry for this, we are hoping to open a new store.

Can I order custom lollypops?

Yes, custom pops are avaliable in the flavour and colours of your choice, with a minimum order of 50 units.

Can I make my own lollypop?

No, but we can write in lolly on top of large pops for gifts.

Do you run lolly making classes?

No, due to the high temperature of the lolly and experience involed this is not possible.